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Section: Classification and arrangement; effect on construction

Statute: 52:17C-5

In order to ensure that the enhanced 9-1-1 system is implemented expeditiously and effectively throughout the State and that each locality participates in the system: a. The governing body of each county shall appoint a county 9-1-1 coordinator who shall coordinate the 9-1-1 activities within the county in accordance with this act and standards developed by the office pursuant to this act. The county shall ensure that all necessary steps are taken and time schedules met in connection with the county's responsibilities under the State plan. b. The county coordinator shall meet with representatives of the county, the municipalities, local public safety agencies, and the State Police in order to propose a draft plan for adoption by the county governing body. The plan shall provide for the implementation of enhanced 9-1-1 service throughout the county. The plan shall specify the number of and locations of the PSAPs, the membership of each PSAP and the organizational characteristics of each PSAP. Any PSAP existing on the operative date of this act may continue to operate within the guidelines of this act. c. Within one year of the operative date of this act, the governing body of each county shall submit an enhanced 9-1-1 service utilization plan to the office for its review and approval. The office shall review each plan to determine if it meets the requirements of this act and the technical and operational standards established in the State plan. L. 1989, c. 3, s. 5.

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