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Section: Revision or inclusion of referendum acts in Revised Statutes; effect

Statute: 49:5-17

a. Any person aggrieved by any act, determination, rules, regulation, or order or any other action of the bureau chief pursuant to this act may appeal to the Appellate Division of Superior Court. b. The filing of an appeal pursuant to this action shall stay the application of any such rule, regulation, order or other action of the bureau chief to the appealing party unless the court, after giving such party notice and an opportunity to be heard, determines that such a stay would be detrimental to the interests of the target company's security holders, employees, customers or creditors or of the public. c. Any person aggrieved by any failure of the bureau chief to act or to make determination required by this act may commence an action in the Superior Court for an order in lieu of a prerogative writ directing the bureau chief to act or make such determination forthwith. L.1977, c. 76, s. 17, eff. April 27, 1977.

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