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Section: Effect of Revised Statutes and acts hereafter passed upon actions or proceedings commenced prior to the effective date of such legislation

Statute: 49:5-14

14. Civil Penalties. In addition to any other sanctions herein or otherwise provided by law, the bureau chief, upon notice and hearing, may impose a penalty not exceeding $10,000.00 for any violation of this act or of any rule or regulation duly issued hereunder. Such penalty shall be recovered by and in the name of the bureau chief in a civil action by a summary proceeding under "the penalty enforcement law" (N.J.S.2A:58-1 et seq.) in the Superior Court or a municipal court which shall have jurisdiction to enforce said penalty enforcement law in connection with this act. Where any violation of this act or of any rule or regulation duly issued hereunder is of a continuing nature, each day during which such violation continues after the date fixed by the bureau chief in any order or notice for the correction or termination of such violation, shall constitute an additional separate and distinct offense, except during the time an appeal from said order or notice may be taken or is pending. L.1977,c.76,s.14; amended 1991,c.91,s.474.

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