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Section: Effect of Revised Statutes on ordinances and resolutions adopted or enacted under authority of pre-existing laws

Statute: 42:3-16

The managers of any expired or dissolved limited partnership associations, or, where a vacancy exists at the time of or occurs subsequent to the expiration or dissolution, the surviving managers or manager shall be the trustees or trustee thereof, as the case may be. The trustees or trustee shall have full power to settle the affairs of the association, collect the outstanding debts, sell and convey the property and assets of all kinds, real and personal, and divide the moneys and other property among the members, after paying its debts, as far as such money and property shall enable them. The trustees shall have power to meet and act under regulations made by a majority of them. They or the survivor of them shall have power to prescribe the terms and conditions of sale of such property and may sell all or any part for cash, or partly on credit, or take mortgages and bonds for part of the purchase price for all or any part of such property. They may in their discretion compound and settle with any debtor or creditor of the association, or with persons having possession of its property, or in any way responsible to the association at the time of the expiration or dissolution thereof, or afterwards, upon such terms and in such manner as they shall deem just and beneficial to the association. The trustees or trustee may, in case of mutual dealings between the association and any person, allow just set-offs in favor of such person in all cases in which the same ought to be allowed, and they shall have full power to perform all such other acts as shall be necessary to carry out the provisions of this article. Amended by L.1953, c. 40, p. 761, s. 8, eff. March 19, 1953.

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