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Section: Use of juvenile's testimony at referral hearing

Statute: 40A:11-29

29. If any person, after being notified of a classification, shall be dissatisfied therewith or with the classification of other bidders, that person may request in writing a hearing before such governing body, and may present such further evidence with respect to the financial responsibility, organization, plant and equipment, or experience of that person or other prospective bidders as might tend to justify a different classification. Where a request is made for the change of classification of another prospective bidder, the applicant therefor shall notify such other bidder by certified or registered mail of the time and place of hearing, as fixed by the governing body, and at the hearing shall present satisfactory evidence that the notice was served as herein required, before any matters pertaining to a change of classification of such other bidder shall be taken up. After hearing such evidence the governing body may, in its discretion, by appropriate action, change or retain the classification of any bidder. No change in classification to be effective for any contract where bidding therefor has been duly advertised, shall be made unless the written request therefor shall have been received at least 20 days before the final day for submission of bids. All requests for change in classification and notice of any action sent by certified or registered mail to the parties directly affected thereby, shall be acted upon by the governing body concerned at least eight days prior to the date fixed for the next opening of bids on any contract or contracts for which such persons might be qualified to bid as a result of the reclassification. L.1971,c.198,s.29; amended 1999, c.440, s.36.

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