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Section: Available remedies.

Statute: 40A:11-23.3

3. a. In the case of a bidding process for a public works contract, a bidder may request withdrawal of a bid, due to a mistake on the part of the bidder, within five business days after a bid opening. As used in this section, "mistake" shall have the same meaning as provided in paragraph 42 of section 2 of P.L.1971, c.198 (C.40A:11-2). b. To request the withdrawal of a public works bid, a bidder shall submit a request for withdrawal in writing by certified or registered mail to the address to which the bid was submitted. The request shall be effective upon mailing. The request shall include evidence, including any pertinent documents, demonstrating that a mistake was made and was of so great a consequence that: (1) the enforcement of the contract, if actually made, would be unconscionable; (2) the mistake relates to a material feature of the bid; (3) the mistake occurred notwithstanding the fact that the bidder exercised reasonable care in preparation of the bid; and (4) the bidder making the mistake is able to get relief by way of withdrawing the bid without serious prejudice to the contracting unit, except for the loss of the bargain to the contracting unit. c. A purchasing agent qualified pursuant to subsection b. of section 9 of P.L.1971, c.198 (C.40A:11-9), or legal counsel for the contracting unit, or the chief administrative officer of the contracting unit, shall review the request for bid withdrawal. No later than the next meeting of the governing body of the contracting unit following receipt of the withdrawal request, the individual responsible for reviewing the request shall make a recommendation to the governing body of the contracting unit concerning the disposition of the request. The governing body of the contracting unit shall act upon the request to withdraw the bid no later than at its next regular meeting. d. The purchasing agent, legal counsel, or chief administrative officer responsible for reviewing the request pursuant to subsection b. of this section, shall act in good faith in reviewing the request and in making a recommendation to the governing body concerning the disposition of a request to withdraw a bid. e. A contracting unit whose governing body grants a request to withdraw a bid shall return the bid guarantee to the bidder. Once the decision to approve the withdrawal is made, the contracting unit shall continue the award process with the remaining bids. f. If a bidder withdraws a bid, the bidder shall be disqualified from future bidding on the same project, including whenever all bids are rejected pursuant to section 21 of P.L.1999, c.440 (C.40A:11-13.2). L.2010, c.108, s.3.

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