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Section: Statutes containing references to proceedings under former prerogative writs

Statute: 40:68-23

2. The commission so created shall be vested with such powers and duties as shall be defined and designated by ordinance adopted by the governing body of such municipality with respect to the management, operation and control of the harbor and water front owned or leased by said municipality, including the construction, maintenance, operation and use of the harbor, water front, beach, land and all properties, structures, piers, bulkheads and jetties located upon lands owned or leased by the municipality and upon lands owned or leased by the municipality contiguous to such harbor, water front and beach. A commission is vested with the power to raise, recover, tow, remove, store, destroy, and dispose of vessels that have been abandoned in the harbor or waterfront, as appropriate, pursuant to the procedures applicable to municipal waterways in the "Abandoned or Sunken Vessels Disposition Law," P.L.1975, c.369 (C.12:7C-7 et seq.). A vessel that has been abandoned at a public or private boat dock, pier, or marina is considered abandoned in the harbor or waterfront. L.1940, c.161, s.2; amended 2008, c.52, s.22.

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