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Section: Partial unconstitutionality

Statute: 40:68-10

The governing body shall require an annual report to be made and submitted to the mayor or other chief executive officer and filed in the office of the municipal clerk, setting forth the amount of property owned, the amount of property acquired during the year and the price paid therefor; the condition of all storage facilities, wharves, piers, bulkheads, docks, slips and basins, and approaches thereto; the amount of money received from dockage, wharfage, storage, cranage and other services, itemized as to sources; an itemized account of the money expended for improvements and new construction, repairs, purchase of property, or for any other purpose; the number, names and addresses of all employees, and their respective salaries; the terms and conditions of all leases of storage facilities, wharves, piers, bulkheads, docks, slips, basins and ferries; the time of expiration of all leases and the amount paid therefor; and the number of ships, vessels and boats arriving and departing, and their net and gross tonnage.

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