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Section: Administration and enforcement

Statute: 37:2-30

Any deed of conveyance or mortgage executed and acknowledged by an adult married person in conjunction with his or her minor spouse, if 17 years of age or older, conveying or mortgaging his or her, or their real estate, shall be valid and effectual notwithstanding the minority of such minor spouse at the time of such execution and acknowledgment, and any such deed or mortgage made shall be valid as if such minor spouse had at the time been of lawful age, and such minor spouse shall be liable on a bond or other obligation executed in connection with any such mortgage to the same extent as if such minor at the time of execution had been of full age, and any such bond or other obligation executed by any minor spouse shall be valid to the same extent. L.1967, c. 139, s. 1, eff. July 5, 1967.

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