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Section: Inclusive references

Statute: 37:1-8

37:1-8. Testimony under oath by applicants as to legality of proposed marriage or civil union; witnesses; perjury. A licensing officer shall, before issuing a marriage or civil union license, require the contracting parties to appear before him and subscribe and swear to an oath attesting the truth of the facts respecting the legality of the proposed marriage or civil union as set forth in the form supplied by the State registrar. Said testimony shall be verified by a witness of legal age. A licensing officer shall issue a license only if it is thus made to appear before him that no legal impediment to the marriage or civil union exists. Every licensing officer may administer oaths to the contracting parties and their identifying witness. Any identifying witness or applicant applying for a marriage or civil union license who shall knowingly make false answers to any of the inquiries asked by the licensing officer shall be guilty of perjury. Amended 1946, c.185, s.4; 2006, c.103, s.12.

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