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Section: "Parents' Education Fund"

Statute: 37:1-12.2

2. The Department of Human Services shall establish a trust fund for the deposit of the fees received pursuant to section 1 of P.L.1981, c.382 (C.37:1-12.1). The moneys from the trust fund shall be used for the specific purpose of establishing and maintaining shelters for the victims of domestic violence, or a. for providing grants-in-aid to such shelters established by local governments or private nonprofit organizations; or b. for providing grants-in-aid to non-residential agencies whose primary purpose is to serve victims of domestic violence in those counties which do not have emergency residential shelters for victims; or c. for providing grants-in-aid to any nonprofit, Statewide coalition whose membership includes a majority of the programs for battered women in New Jersey and whose board membership includes a majority of representatives of these programs and whose purpose is to provide services, community education, and technical assistance to these programs to establish and maintain shelter and related services for victims of domestic violence and their children. L.1981, c.382, s.2; amended 1992, c.136, s.2; 2006, c.103, s.16.

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