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Section: Words and phrases defined

Statute: 32:18-2

ARTICLE I. 1. Each of the signatory states pledges each to the other faithful co-operation in the control of future pollution and agrees to provide for the abatement of existing pollution in the tidal and coastal waters in the adjacent portions of the signatory states defined herein as coming within the district, and consistent with such object, to enact adequate legislation which will enable each of the signatory states to put and maintain the waters thereof in a satisfactory sanitary condition and particularly to protect public health; to render safe such waters as are now used or may later become available for bathing and recreational purposes; to abate and eliminate such pollution as becomes obnoxious or causes a nuisance; to permit the maintenance of major fish life, shellfish and marine life in waters now available or that may by practicable means be made available for the development of such fish, shellfish or marine life; to prevent oil, grease or solids from being carried on the surface of the water; to prevent the formation of sludge deposits along the shores or in the waterways; and with the fulfillment of these objectives to abate and avoid incurring unnecessary economic loss by safeguarding the rights of the public in its varied legitimate uses of the waters of the district.

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