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Section: Effect of Revised Statutes and acts hereafter passed upon actions or proceedings commenced prior to the effective date of such legislation

Statute: 32:18-14

ARTICLE XIII. 1. Terms used in this compact are defined as follows: "District" means the area more particularly described in article II of this compact. "Commission" means the Interstate Environmental Commission. "Municipality" means any city, incorporated village, borough, county, town, township, district, or any municipality governed by an improvement commission, any joint sewer commission, or any other subdivision of any one of the signatory states, located within the district. "Rule or regulation" means any rule or regulation established by the commission not inconsistent with the constitution of the United States or of any signatory state, promulgated by the commission touching the abatement of pollution of the waters of the district. "Tidal waters" means all those waters which ebb and flow within the designated district. "Dissolved oxygen" is the gaseous oxygen held in solution by the water at any given time. It is expressed as a percentage of the maximum amount of oxygen that would be required to saturate the water under the existing conditions of temperature and salinity. "Pollution" is any foreign matter which renders waters unfit to sustain fish life and unsatisfactory for bathing. "Sewage effluent" means the treated sewage discharged from a treatment plant. "Suspended solids" means those solid particles carried in suspension in the untreated sewage or sewage effluent. "Entity" means any organization or association owning, controlling or operating a sewerage system or treatment plant within a municipality. Amended 2000, c.6, s.3.

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