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Section: Effect of enactment of Revised Statutes upon existing offices, etc., and the incumbents thereof

Statute: 32:18-12

ARTICLE XI. 1. Each of the signatory states agrees that it will prohibit the pollution of the said waters within the district in accordance with the several articles of this compact, and that it will enact suitable and adequate legislation which will accomplish effectively the objects of this compact and which will enable its officers, departments, boards and agents to accomplish satisfactorily the obligations and duties assumed by the state under the terms of this compact, and it is further agreed that the courts of the several states shall have jurisdiction to enforce as against any person, corporation, municipality or other entity or any employee, department or subdivision of the respective signatory states any and all provisions of this compact. The commission shall have authority to investigate and determine if the requirements of the compact and/or the orders of the commission pursuant thereto are complied with and if satisfactory progress has not been made, to bring action in its own name in the proper court or courts to compel the enforcement of any and all of the provisions of this compact, and/or the orders of the commission pursuant thereto.

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