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Section: Acts done, rights acquired, etc., under repealed acts not affected by repeal

Statute: 32:18-11

ARTICLE X. 1. Subject to the provisions of this compact the commission, as soon as may be after its organization, after an investigation and after conducting public hearings upon due notice, shall by order prescribe the reasonable date on or before which each municipality or other entity discharging sewage into the designated waters within the district shall be treating such sewage in accordance with the standards specified in this compact. And such order may prescribe that certain specific progress shall be made at certain definite times prior to the final date fixed in such order. It is the desire of all parties to accomplish the objects herein set forth with the least possible injury to investments which have already been made in the construction of sewage treatment plants within the district, and where changes or additions to such plants would be necessary to conform to the standards herein adopted, a reasonable time to effect such changes or additions may, in the discretion of the commission, be granted.

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