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Section: References to repealed or superseded statutes

Statute: 2B:12-9

2B:12-9. Presiding judge of the municipal courts. If the Chief Justice designates a judge of the Superior Court or a judge of one of the municipal courts in a vicinage to serve as presiding judge of the municipal courts for that vicinage, that judge may exercise powers delegated by the Chief Justice or established by the Rules of Court. If the presiding judge is a municipal court judge, the presiding judge shall be paid by the State for the time devoted to duties as Presiding Judge, unless that judge is also assigned duties at the request of a county, in which case compensation, pension and other benefits shall be as determined by the Assignment Judge and the governing body of the county, with the approval of the Chief Justice. L.1993, c.119, s.1; amended 1996, c.95, s.8.

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