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Section: Rights of juveniles

Statute: 27:7-40

The state highway commissioner may enter into contracts for the doing of work authorized by law and financed by the issuance of bonds, under an act entitled "An act authorizing the creation of a debt of the state of New Jersey by the issuance of bonds of the state in the sum of eighty-three million dollars for highway improvements; providing the ways and means to pay the interest of said debt, and also to pay and discharge the principal thereof; and providing for the submission of this law to the people at a general election," approved April eighteenth, one thousand nine hundred and thirty, whenever he shall certify under the authority of this section to the state house commission the amount of money necessary to be raised by the issuance of bonds for that work, and the state house commission shall approve by a vote of a majority of the members thereof, with the presiding officer voting in the affirmative, of such certification, and notify the state highway commissioner of such approval in writing. The notification shall be signed by the presiding officer and the secretary of the state house commission. No contract shall be entered into in excess of the amount specified in such certification.

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