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Section: Customer defined

Statute: 27:7-19.1

Whenever it shall appear to the State Highway Commissioner after reasonable investigation that any claim of the State against a county, municipality or corporation arising out of the obligation of a county, municipality or corporation to contribute toward the laying out, construction, maintenance or repair of a State highway, bridge, or any part thereof, is disputed, either in whole or in part, by reason of alleged set-offs, either legal or equitable, or by reason of disputed questions of fact or law, or both, and that the enforcement of any such claim would necessitate litigation, and that the best interests of the State will be served by the composition, adjustment or settlement of any such claim, the State Highway Commissioner shall present the matter to the State House Commission, and the said State House Commission is hereby authorized to permit the State Highway Commissioner to settle, compromise and adjust any such claim or claims, including any set-offs, legal or equitable, with respect thereto, upon such terms as said State House Commission shall deem reasonable and proper under all of the circumstances in any particular case; providing, however, that under no circumstance shall the State House Commission require any payment to be made on behalf of the State, nor is the State Highway Commissioner or other proper officer of the State permitted to make any payment to any county, municipality or corporation by reason of this act. L.1938, c. 258, p. 573, s. 1.

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