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Section: Taking into custody

Statute: 27:23-31

7. No person shall transport in or upon any such highway project, any dynamite, nitroglycerin, black powder, fireworks, blasting caps or other explosives, gasoline, alcohol, ether, liquid shellac, kerosene, turpentine, formaldehyde or other inflammable or combustible liquids, ammonium nitrate, sodium chlorate, wet hemp, powdered metallic magnesium, nitro-cellulose film, peroxides or other readily inflammable solids or oxidizing materials, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid or other corrosive liquids, prussic acid, phosgene, arsenic, carbolic acid, potassium cyanide, tear gas, lewisite or any other poisonous substances, liquids or gases, or any compressed gas, or any radioactive article, substance or material, at such time or place or in such manner or condition as to endanger unreasonably or as to be likely to endanger unreasonably persons or property. L.1951,c.264,s.7; amended 2003,c.79,s.34.

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