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Section: Costs of project; inclusion of expenses furthering equal employment opportunities

Statute: 21:2-37

A person who is the owner or manager of a legally operated commercial enterprise involving the manufacture, distribution, storage, or sale of fireworks shall, in addition to the certificate of registration issued pursuant to R.S.21:2-22 or a permit issued pursuant to section 2 of P.L.1954, c.52 (C.21:2-29.1), annually register with the municipality in which the main office of the enterprise is located and with any municipality in which the enterprise stores fireworks, if fireworks are stored in a municipality other than the municipality in which the main office is located. The registration shall be filed with the agency authorized to enforce the "Uniform Fire Safety Act," P.L.1983, c.383 (C.52:27D-192 et seq.) by submitting a letter of registration or by completing a form supplied by the agency. An identification number for the registration shall be issued and a certified copy of the registration shall be returned to the owner or manager. The registration shall be available upon request for inspection by any person during normal business hours. A copy of each registration shall be forwarded to the Office of Safety Compliance in the Department of Labor. The agency with which a registration is filed may deny the registration if it finds that the enterprise is not a legally operated commercial enterprise. Denial shall be in writing with the reasons for denial clearly stated. A copy of the letter of the denial shall immediately be forwarded to the Office of Safety Compliance in the Department of Labor. L.1991,c.55,s.10.

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