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Section: Outlines, analyses and headnotes not part of statutes

Statute: 19:53A-6

a. Prior to any election at which electronic voting devices are used the county board of elections shall have the voting devices prepared for the election and shall provide the district election officers with voting devices, voting booths, ballot boxes, ballot cards, "write-in" ballots and other records and supplies as required. b. Ballot cards shall be of the size, design and stock suitable for processing by automatic data processing machines. Each ballot card shall have an attached numbered perforated stub, which shall be removed by an election officer before it is deposited in the ballot box. In primary elections the ballot cards of each political party shall be distinctly marked or shall be of a different color or tint so that the ballot cards of each political party are readily distinguishable. c. Unless the voting device enables the voter to mark his choices in secret, the board of elections shall provide a sufficient number of voting booths for each voting district, which shall be of a size and design so as to enable the voter to mark his ballot in secret. L.1973, c. 82, s. 6, eff. April 12, 1973.

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