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Section: References to repealed or superseded statutes

Statute: 19:32-9

The district board of each election district in municipalities not having permanent registration shall on each day of registration transfer to cards to be provided for that purpose by the county clerk of the county, which cards shall be in form and style approved by the superintendent, a complete copy of the name of each person registered in its respective district, together with all the answers made and information given by such person at the time of registration, and such cards, inclosed and sealed in a cover, to be provided for that purpose by the county clerk, shall be delivered personally or by mail forthwith by the chairman of such district board, together with a statement on a blank form to be furnished by the county clerk, after approval by the superintendent, that the cards delivered contain a correct copy of all the names registered and information given by the person so registered, to the superintendent at his office in the county courthouse.

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