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Section: Statutes containing references to proceedings under former prerogative writs

Statute: 19:14-23

The stamped envelopes shall be of sufficient size and have sufficient postage to enable the official general election sample ballots and anything else required to be enclosed therewith to be mailed therein. On the face of each of the envelopes shall be printed the words "Official General Election Sample Ballot" in large type and in small type in the upper left-hand corner, the words: "If not delivered in two days return to the "Superintendent of Elections' " in counties having a superintendent of elections and to the "Commissioner of Registration" in all other counties and in the lower left-hand corner shall be printed the words "Municipality" followed by a line " ," "Ward" followed by a line " ," and "district" followed by a line " ," arranged in three lines one under the other. Amended by L.1947, c. 168, p. 742, s. 4.

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