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Section: Partial unconstitutionality

Statute: 18A:7C-10

Not later than September 1, 1989 and annually thereafter, the Commissioner of Education shall report to the Governor and Legislature on the impact of the State graduation proficiency test required pursuant to section 6 of P.L. 1979, c. 241 (C. 18A:7C-6). In addition to including data on test performance of students, this annual report shall include data on the number of students who have dropped out of school, the number of students who have failed to take the test, curriculum realignments in grades K-12 to prepare students for the examination, analysis of remediation efforts for students who have failed the examination, testing requirements and practices in grades K-8 and any other related matters requested by the Chairman of the Joint Committee on the Public Schools or the chairman of the education committee of either House of the Legislature. The report shall also enumerate the efforts by the Department of Education to assist local school districts in the areas of pupil retention, curriculum alignment and remediation. L. 1988, c. 168, s. 7.

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