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Section: Criteria for placing juvenile in detention.

Statute: 18A:71-34

7. (a) The board is hereby authorized to award "opportunity grants" from the fund to needy students for undergraduate study leading to a baccalaureate degree, associate degree, or other approved certificate and for graduate and professional study leading to approved master's and doctor's degrees at institutions of higher education, public and private, located in New Jersey; provided, that the board shall allow not more than 10% of the needy students to be awarded opportunity grants in any year to use their opportunity grants at institutions of higher education located outside this State; and, provided further, that no more than 10% of the funds appropriated and available for the purposes of this act shall be awarded to students for use in graduate study. (b) Opportunity grants may be awarded annually, upon proper application to the fund, to any needy student who qualifies under the standards to be developed and promulgated by the board and who is or will be attending an institution of collegiate grade located in New Jersey and approved for this purpose by the Commission on Higher Education, except that in cases where the student will be or is attending an institution in another State, the accreditation procedures of that State shall be accepted, subject to the approval of the board. (c) The board may utilize the services of the Higher Education Student Assistance Authority to administer the provisions of this section. The cost of these services shall be paid by the Equal Opportunity Fund. L.1968,c.142,s.7; amended 1994,c.48,s.216, 1999,c.46,s.47.

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