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Section: Sale of knives to minors; crime of the fourth degree; exceptions

Statute: 18A:65-9.1

Section 36 of chapter 61 of the laws of 1956 entitled "An Act concerning The Trustees of Rutgers College in New Jersey, the State University of New Jersey, changing its name to Rutgers, The State University, reorganizing the Board of Trustees thereof, and creating a Board of Governors having general supervision over and vested with the conduct of the University, amending its Charter, and repealing Section 3 of Chapter 49 of the Laws of 1945, approved March 26, 1945 (P.L.1945, page 115), and all acts and parts of acts inconsistent with this Act," approved June 1, 1956 (P.L.1956, c. 61), is saved from repeal. [This section repeals certain acts and also provisions of the charter and resolutions of the board of trustees of the university inconsistent with the provisions of this chapter.] L.1967, c.271.

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