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Section: Grant of riparian lands for public park, place, street or highway

Statute: 18A:54-33

In any county of the second class in which there does not presently exist a vocational school established under the laws of this state, the board of chosen freeholders of such county may, by a majority vote of the board, establish a vocational school to be known as the "emergency vocational school in the county of (here insert the name of the county in which the school is to be located)." In the event of the establishment of any emergency vocational school as in this act provided, the board of chosen freeholders of the county shall have power to name a commission to supervise said school, to prescribe courses in the emergency vocational schools, and power to fix rates of tuition. The cost per pupil shall be established from time to time by the board of chosen freeholders and shall be paid in accordance with rules and regulations to be adopted by the board. The commission, selected for the supervision of such emergency vocational school, shall have power to expend appropriations authorized and to obtain from the federal government or any agency thereof grants in aid of such emergency vocational school. L.1967, c.271.

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