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Section: Effect of definitions on treaties, compacts, or agreements

Statute: 18A:42-3

In order to encourage the habit of saving among the pupils in schools, the principal or superintendent of any public school, or any person designated for that purpose by the board of education or other school authority under which the school shall be, may collect once a week, or from time to time, small amounts of savings from the pupils of the school, to be deposited by the principal, superintendent, or designated person promptly upon collection in any financial institution having its principal office in New Jersey, whose accounts or deposits are insured or guaranteed by any corporation created or organized under the laws of the United States, which corporation is an instrumentality of the United States or of any successor corporation having for its purpose the insurance of deposits or accounts. These moneys shall be placed to the credit of the respective pupils for whom the money has been collected, or if the amount collected at any one time is deemed insufficient for the opening of individual accounts, in the name of the principal, superintendent, or designated person, in trust, and to be by him eventually transferred to the credit of the respective pupils to whom the same belongs. In the meantime, the principal, superintendent, or designated person shall furnish to the financial institution a list giving the names, signatures, addresses, ages, places of birth, parents' names, and such other data concerning the respective pupils as the financial institution may require. The words "system of school savings" or "school savings" may be used in circulars, reports, and other printed or written matter used in connection with this section. L.1967, c.271.

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