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Section: Effect of enactment of Revised Statutes upon existing offices, etc., and the incumbents thereof

Statute: 18A:28-12

18A:28-12. If any teaching staff member shall be dismissed as a result of such reduction, such person shall be and remain upon a preferred eligible list in the order of seniority for reemployment whenever a vacancy occurs in a position for which such person shall be qualified and he shall be reemployed by the body causing dismissal, if and when such vacancy occurs and in determining seniority, and in computing length of service for reemployment, full recognition shall be given to previous years of service, and the time of service by any such person in or with the military or naval forces of the United States or of this State, subsequent to September 1, 1940, and the time of service of any member of the American Merchant Marine during World War II who is declared by the United States Department of Defense to be eligible for federal veterans' benefits, shall be credited to him as though he had been regularly employed in such a position within the district during the time of such military or naval service, except that the period of that service shall not be credited toward more than four years of employment or seniority credit. L.1967, c.271; amended 1985,c.217,s.2; 1991,c.389,s.3.

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