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Section: Construction as continuation of heretofore existing laws

Statute: 17:26-4

When it appears to the satisfaction of the commissioner, as the result of examination as provided for by chapters 17 to 33 of this title (s. 17:17-1 et seq.), that any mutual insurance company of this state shall have a net surplus, after providing for reinsurance, and all claims for losses and other actual liabilities, of not less than the amount represented by outstanding scrip issued by said company, the commissioner shall, upon the request of such company, issue a certificate of the amount of such net surplus, and the company, upon vote therefor of a majority of all the directors thereof, may create a capital stock for any portion of the amount of such scrip in exchange for said scrip, and may issue certificates of such stock, but the amount of capital so created and the surplus thereafter remaining shall not be less than the amount of capital and surplus required by the provisions of sections 17:17-6, 17:17-7 and 17:34-8 of this title, as a condition for the commencement of business, to be paid, in cash, to a stock insurance company organized to transact the same kind or kinds of insurance.

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