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Section: Liability of insurer

Statute: 17:22-6.54

If the unauthorized insurer has assumed the risk as to a surplus lines coverage placed under this surplus lines law, and if the premium therefor has been received by the surplus lines agent who placed such insurance, then in all questions thereafter arising under the coverage as between the insurer and the insured the insurer shall be deemed to have received the premium due to it for such coverage; and the insurer shall be liable to the insured as to losses covered by such insurance, and for unearned premiums which may become payable to the insured upon cancellation of such insurance, whether or not in fact the surplus lines agent is indebted to the insurer with respect to such insurance or for any other cause. Each unauthorized insurer assuming a surplus lines risk under this surplus lines law shall be deemed thereby to have subjected itself to the terms of this section. L.1960, c. 32, p. 116, s. 20.

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