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Section: Definitions relative to surplus lines insurers

Statute: 17:22-6.41

7. As used in this surplus lines law: (a) "Surplus lines agent" means an individual licensed as an insurance producer with surplus lines authority as provided in P.L.1987, c.293 (C.17:22A-1 et seq.) to handle the placement of insurance coverages on behalf of unauthorized insurers. (b) "Surplus lines insurer" means an unauthorized insurer in which an insurance coverage is placed or may be placed under this surplus lines law. (c) To "export" means to place in an unauthorized insurer under this surplus lines law, insurance covering a subject of insurance resident, located, or to be performed in New Jersey. (d) "Commissioner" means the Commissioner of Insurance of the State of New Jersey. (e) "Certificate of insurance" means permanent evidence of insurance on a form approved by the commissioner and issued by a surplus lines agent who has filed evidence of his binding authority with the commissioner on behalf of an alien insurer. When issued other than on behalf of an alien insurer, an initial certificate of insurance will be treated as temporary evidence of insurance, pending the issuance of a policy. "Certificate of insurance" also means evidence of a renewal of that insurance provided: (1) there is no change in the terms or amounts of coverage; (2) the coverage is still eligible for export; and (3) the insured may request the issuance of a new policy. (f) "Cover note," "binder" or "confirmation of insurance," means temporary evidence of insurance, to be replaced by a policy or certificate of insurance. L.1960,c.32,s.7; amended 1981, c.250, s.1; 1996, c.69, s.1.

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