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Section: Inclusive references

Statute: 17:16I-8

8. Financial institutions may enter into multiple-party accounts to the same extent that they may enter into single-party accounts. The following payments from a multiple-party account by the financial institution, including payment of the entire account balance, are deemed authorized by all parties to, and any other person with an interest in, the multiple-party account, without any duty on the part of the financial institution to consider the net contributions of the parties to the account: a. Payments, on request, to any one or more of the parties; b. Payments pursuant to any statutory or common law right of set off, levy, attachment or other valid legal process or court order, relating to the interest of any one or more of the parties; and c. Payments, on request, to a trustee in bankruptcy, receiver in any state or federal insolvency proceeding, or other duly authorized insolvency representative of any one or more of the parties. A financial institution shall not be required to inquire as to the source of funds received for deposit to a multiple-party account, or to inquire as to the proposed application of any sum withdrawn from an account, for purposes of establishing net contributions. Notice that the entire account balance is subject to subsections b. and c. of this section shall be given to the parties by the financial institution, either in the account agreement or by separate document, in the manner the Commissioner of Banking may direct by regulation. Any account for which notice is not given shall not be subject to the terms of subsection b. or c. of this section. L.1979,c.491,s.8; amended 1995,c.372.

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