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Section: Words and phrases defined

Statute: 17:16F-2

As used in this act: a. "Depository institution" means any banking institutions as defined in section 1 of the Banking Act of 1948, P.L.1948, c. 67 (C. 17:9A-1), any association as defined in the Savings and Loan Act (1963), P.L.1963, c. 144 (C. 17:12B-1 et seq.), and any State or Federal credit union but the provisions of section 4 of this act shall not apply to any depository institution which had total assets of $10,000,000.00 or less as of the last day of its last full fiscal year. b. "Mortgage loan" means a loan which is secured by residential real property or a home improvement loan. c. "Applicant" means any person who files with a depository institution a written, or oral in-person, request containing such information as is reasonably required by the depository institution for a mortgage loan as defined in this act. L.1977, c. 1, s. 2. Amended by L.1979, c. 148, s. 1, eff. July 16, 1979.

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