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Section: Corporations, associations or societies included in Revised Statutes

Statute: 17:16F-19

a. Payments for a mortgagor's property tax shall be made using the original tax bill, a duplicate copy thereof, or a replacement bill containing at least the lot and block number, street address, name of the property owner and amount of tax due and which replacement bill is subject to regulations promulgated by the commissioner establishing procedures for its use. b. A mortgagee, servicing organization or property tax processing organization which requests a duplicate copy of a tax bill from the tax collector of the taxing district and which is charged for the duplicate pursuant to subsection d. of R.S.54:4-64, shall not assess a mortgagor for the cost of obtaining a duplicate copy of the tax bill except under the conditions set forth in subsection d. of this section. c. The cost of each duplicate tax bill shall be set by municipal ordinance in accordance with subsection d. of R.S.54:4-64 and shall be borne by the party requesting the duplicate. d. Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection b. of this section, the mortgagor's escrow account may be charged for a duplicate bill if: (1) The bill as originally prepared contained the mortgagor's name and was mailed to the mortgagor at his last known address; and (2) The mortgagor did not forward the original tax bill to the mortgagee or the servicing organization in time for the mortgagee or the servicing organization to prepare the property tax payment for disbursement to meet the requirements of section 4 of this act. L.1990,c.69,s.5.

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