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Section: Purposes of corporate central credit union; application of Credit Union Act of 1984

Statute: 17:13-73.1

The corporate central credit union shall subject to all parts of "The Credit Union Act of 1984," P.L.1984, c. 171, sections 2 to 46 (C. 17:30-80 to C. 17:13-124) not inconsistent with these amendatory and supplementary sections. A corporate central credit union shall be a nonprofit association, the purpose of which is: a. To assist in the management of the liquidity of its member credit unions through interlending and investment and related services; b. To act as an intermediary for the movement of credit union funds between member credit unions and other corporate credit unions; c. To obtain funds from other credit union organizations, financial intermediaries, and other sources; d. To foster and promote, in cooperation with other state, regional, and national central credit unions and credit union organizations or associations, the economic security, growth and development of member credit unions; and e. To perform any other financial services or benefit to its members which are authorized by the commissioner. L.1984, c. 171, s. 50, eff. Oct. 31, 1984.

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