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Section: Classification and arrangement; effect on construction

Statute: 16:17-5

The chairman and clerk of the meeting shall make, sign and acknowledge before any person authorized to take the acknowledgment and proof of deeds in this state, a certificate in writing, setting forth: a. That said meeting was called and organized in accordance with the provisions of this article; b. The name assumed as the corporate title; c. The number of trustees; and d. The names of the individuals elected as trustees with the term of office of each. The approval of the New Jersey State Association of Spiritualists, signed by the president or vice president, the treasurer and secretary thereof, and sealed with its corporate seal, shall be appended to such certificate, without which approval such certificate shall not be entitled to record. The chairman and clerk shall transmit the certificate to the clerk of the county in which such board is elected, who shall file and record the same forthwith, for which service he shall be entitled to receive the fee provided by section 22:2-19 of the title Fees and Costs. Thereupon such trustees and their successors shall be a corporation by the name stated in the certificate.

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