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Section: Construction as continuation of heretofore existing laws

Statute: 16:17-4

The members of the church having met at the time and place appointed, the meeting shall be called to order by one of the signers of the notice. Only duly enrolled members of such church in good and regular standing and of full age shall be entitled to vote or act as officers at such meeting and seven qualified voters shall constitute a quorum. All questions shall be decided by a majority of those present. A chairman, clerk and two inspectors of election shall be elected from the qualified voters present. The clerk and the inspectors of election shall be the judges of the qualifications of the voters and shall receive the ballots cast. The meeting shall decide whether the church shall be incorporated and if the decision is in favor of incorporation, shall decide further: a. The corporate title which shall include the words "Spiritualist Church" or "Society of Spiritualists" , prefixed by "First" , "Second" or other numerical designation, and followed by the name of the municipality where it shall be located. b. The date for holding the annual election of trustees; c. The number of trustees which shall be either three, six or nine. The meeting shall elect, by ballot, from the individuals qualified to vote, the number of trustees decided upon, which shall be divided into three classes, to serve for one, two and three years, respectively, or until their successors are elected and take office. At the conclusion of the term of office of these trustees, their successors shall be elected for the term of three years.

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