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Section: Partial unconstitutionality

Statute: 16:10A-10

Any 2 or more local churches of The United Methodist Church in this State may resolve to merge and become a single church in accordance with a plan of merger proposed by the charge conference of each of the merging churches. The terms and conditions of such plan shall be stated in a resolution of each such charge conference adopted by a majority vote of the members having a right to vote who are present at a meeting of said members. Such resolution, which shall include the name under which such merger shall take place, shall be submitted to a meeting of the members of each merging church, called by the pastor or the charge conference or the district superintendent, provided that not less than 10 days notice of each meeting and its main purpose shall be given to the members of each church in writing or from the pulpit or in the weekly bulletin. If a majority of the members of each church having the right to vote, who are present and vote at such meetings, consent thereto, a certificate thereof shall be made, executed and verified by the chairman and secretary of each such meeting, and approved by the district superintendent or superintendents. The certificates as so executed, verified and approved on behalf of each of the merging churches shall be filed in the office of the clerk of the county or counties where such churches are located and in the office of the Secretary of State. Thereupon such churches shall be merged, and the merged church shall, by the name so adopted, be entitled to and invested with all the real and personal property, rights, powers, privileges and franchises belonging to each church so merging, subject to all its debts, obligations and liabilities. Title to the church property of the merging churches shall be held in the trustees of the merged church elected in accordance with the provisions of this act. L.1968, c. 235, s. 9, eff. July 31, 1968.

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