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Section: References to titles, subtitles, chapters, articles and sections

Statute: 16:1-7

Any religious society, however incorporated, may hold and convey and dispose of land, not exceeding fifty acres which was, before April twelfth, one thousand eight hundred and ninety-eight, conveyed to it for the purposes of a cemetery and the burial of the dead, and may sell the same in lots or plots for the burial of deceased persons, subject to the laws of this state governing cemeteries and the burial of the dead. The society may devote the moneys derived from such sale to the laying out, care and maintenance of the cemetery or burial ground and for no other purpose. When the moneys received from sales of lots shall exceed the sum needed for the proper care and maintenance of its burial grounds, the surplus may be invested in safe and suitable securities and the interest derived therefrom shall be devoted to the care and maintenance of its burial grounds and for no other purpose.

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