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Section: Orders for certain serological testing of juveniles required under certain circumstances

Statute: 16:1-43.4

The consolidation agreement shall be submitted for approval and adoption, (a) to the diocesan convention, presbytery, classis, synod, annual conference or other governing body under the jurisdiction of which such cathedral church or foundation was incorporated under said act of April ninth, one thousand nine hundred and eight, or said article five of chapter one of Title 16 of the Revised Statutes; and (b) to the members of such church, congregation, parish or society, qualified to vote at an annual meeting thereof, at a special meeting thereof held in accordance with the government and usages thereof. If (a) the said governing body shall vote to approve and adopt the consolidation agreement, and if (b) two-thirds of the members of said church, congregation, parish or society present and voting at such meeting shall vote to approve and adopt the consolidation agreement, the consolidation of the said parties thereto shall take effect in accordance with its terms and provisions, as hereinafter provided. L.1944, c. 143, p. 382, s. 4.

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