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Section: Suspension, postponement of right to operate motor vehicle

Statute: 16:1-43.3

The consolidation agreement, and the constitution and statutes or by-laws, of the consolidated corporation, or either thereof, may provide, consistently with the doctrine, government, discipline and usages of the church or religious denomination to the jurisdiction of which the consolidating corporations are subject, for: (a) The organization, constitution, number, qualifications, classifications and term of office, according to classes or otherwise, of its trustees, chapter or governing body, committees and officers, their designation ex officio as persons for the time holding specified clerical offices or offices or membership in specified religious bodies or organizations or committees thereof, or the manner in which, and the persons or bodies or organizations or committees thereof by which, they or some of them are to be elected or appointed, or perpetuated in office, and may be suspended or removed, and the qualifications and constitution of the membership of the congregation; (b) The regulation, management and administration of its temporal affairs and property, endowments and other funds, and creating, defining, limiting and regulating the powers of the trustees, chapter or governing body, committees and officers, and of the congregation, and the number necessary to constitute a quorum at any meeting of such governing body, committees, and congregation. L.1944, c. 143, p. 382, s. 3.

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