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Section: Public works contract not awarded without agreement and guarantee of equal opportunity.

Statute: 16:1-32

Any general organization for this state formed by societies or congregations which are incorporated or have a right to become incorporated under this title, and which belong to any one denomination or classification, and in which organization all the societies or congregations of that denomination or classification are, or are entitled to be, represented, or the executive committee thereof, may elect any number of its members to be trustees. Notice of all elections of trustees shall, unless waived, be given by such state organization, or executive committee thereof, to all the members of such state organization or executive committee personally, or shall be mailed to them at their post-office addresses, if resident in this state, at least ten days before such election. Such trustees shall proceed in the manner provided in section 16:1-2 of this title, and they and their successors shall thereupon be a corporation by the name stated in such certificate, with all the powers and privileges of this title.

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