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Section: Classification and arrangement; effect on construction

Statute: 15A:1-5

a. Any corporation organized for any purpose for which corporations may be incorporated under Title 16 of the Revised Statutes which is not organized under this act and which has not reincorporated under this act pursuant to section 15A:1-4 may amend its certificate of incorporation or its bylaws to include provisions incorporating by reference any sections of this act to which the corporation wishes to be subject. b. Without limiting the foregoing, any corporation which amends its certificate of incorporation or bylaws to include a provision which sets forth "This corporation shall be subject to the administrative provisions of the New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation Act" shall, without a recitation of the specific sections thereof, be subject to the following sections of this act as if the certificate of incorporation or bylaws of the corporation has been amended to recite the applicability of the text thereof: sections 15A:2-10; 15A:2-11; 15A:3-1 through 15A:3-5; 15A:5-1 through 15A:5-24; 15A:6-1 through 15A:6-17; and 15A:8-1 through 15A:8-5. L.1983, c. 127, s. 15A:1-5, eff. Oct. 1, 1983.

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