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Section: Construction as continuation of heretofore existing laws

Statute: 14A:1-4

Any corporation which has been organized by special act of the Legislature for any of the purposes permitted by this act, and to which this act does not apply pursuant to section 14A:1-3, may come under and be subject to the provisions of this act, and continue in existence and operation as if organized hereunder, by amending its certificate of incorporation pursuant to the provisions of this act and filing a certificate of such amendment in the office of the Secretary of State, together with a certificate waiving any right of exemption from taxation and from privileges and advantages arising under such special act of incorporation. Thereupon, such corporation shall be deemed to be incorporated under this act and to be free from the liabilities and provisions of the act or acts under which it was formerly incorporated. Nothing in this section shall be held to affect such transactions, liabilities or debts of any such corporations, occurring before the filing of such certificate. L.1968, c.350.

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