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Section: Registration for television manufacturers; fee, annual report, recycling program.

Statute: 13:1E-99.96

3. a. Beginning on January 1, 2010, and each January 1 thereafter, each manufacturer of televisions offered for sale for delivery in this State shall register with the department and pay a registration fee of $5,000. Each television manufacturer's registration and renewal shall include a list of all of the brands under which its televisions are sold. b. Each registered television manufacturer shall submit an annual renewal of its registration to the department and pay to the department a registration renewal fee of $5,000 by January 1 of each program year. Each registered television manufacturer's renewal shall include an annual report. c. In addition to reporting all brands under which its televisions are sold, regardless of whether the brand is owned or licensed, the registered television manufacturer's annual report shall include the total number of all new televisions sold in the State in the previous program year. The department shall determine a registered television manufacturer's market share. d. A registered television manufacturer shall inform the department, in writing, as soon as it becomes aware that it will cease selling televisions in the State. e. By June 1, 2010, each registered television manufacturer or group of registered television manufacturers shall submit a plan to the department to collect, transport and recycle used televisions based on the television manufacturer's market share. Every plan shall be filed with a television manufacturer's annual registration, and shall include: (1) Methods that will be used to collect the used televisions including proposed collection services; (2) The processes and methods that will be used to recycle recovered used televisions including a description of the recycling processes that will be used, including the name and location of all authorized recyclers to be directly utilized by the plan; (3) Means that will be utilized to publicize the collection services, including specification of a website or toll-free telephone number that provides information about the registrant's recycling program in sufficient detail to allow consumers to learn how to return their used televisions for recycling, including limitations placed by collection sites on the number of used televisions permitted for drop-off by consumers; and (4) The intention of the registrant to fulfill its obligation through its own operations, either individually or with other registered television manufacturers, or by contract with for-profit or not-for-profit corporations, or local government units. The department shall hold confidential any information obtained pursuant to this subsection when shown by a registered television manufacturer that the information, if made public, would divulge competitive business information, methods or processes entitled to protection as trade secrets of the registered television manufacturer. Recovered used televisions shall not be sent to prisons for recycling either directly or through intermediaries and nothing in this section shall be construed to allow for the recycling of used televisions by prisoners. Any person committed to a jail, prison, or other institution for the detention of persons charged with or convicted of an offense shall be disqualified from being an authorized recycler. By January 1, 2011, each registered television manufacturer or group of registered television manufacturers shall commence its used television recycling program to implement and finance the collection, transportation, and recycling of used televisions. The used television recycling program shall accept all types and all brands of used televisions, including orphan devices. f. Each registrant's plan or plan jointly submitted by a group of registrants shall be reviewed to determine its compliance with subsection e. of this section and approved by the department. The department may reject the plan, in whole or in part, and may impose additional requirements as a condition of approval. g. If a registered television manufacturer fails to comply with all the conditions and terms of an approved plan, the registered television manufacturer shall be prohibited from selling or offering for sale televisions in this State. h. Registered television manufacturers that collect, transport, and recycle used televisions in excess of their market share may sell credits to another registrant or apply that excess to the following year's recycling program. i. Nothing in this act is intended to exempt any person from liability the person would otherwise have under applicable law. L.2007, c.347, s.3; amended 2008, c.130, s.2.

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