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Section: Compliance with district recycling plan

Statute: 13:1E-99.30

a. The provisions of P.L. 1970, c. 39 (C. 13:1E-1 et seq.) or any rules and regulations adopted pursuant thereto to the contrary notwithstanding, on or after July 1, 1987, the department shall not issue a registration statement or engineering design approval for any new or expanded solid waste facility in any county unless the person or party proposing to construct or operate the facility submits written documentation and any other evidence the department may require demonstrating to the department's satisfaction that the goals of the relevant district recycling plan required by section 3 of this amendatory and supplementary act have been incorporated into the plans for the proposed facility. b. The department may adopt, pursuant to the provisions of the "Administrative Procedure Act," P.L. 1968, c. 410 (C. 52:14B-1 et seq.), any rules and regulations necessary to implement the provisions of this section. L. 1987, c. 102, s. 22.

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