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Section: Payment to out-of-State sending track.

Statute: 13:1E-201

a. Every retailer, including every distributor or manufacturer offering lead acid batteries for sale at wholesale, upon presentation at any time during business hours from a member of the public, shall accept any used lead acid battery if the battery is offered as part of an exchange related to the sale of a new lead acid battery. b. No retailer shall dispose of a used lead acid battery as solid waste at any time. Any retailer may return used lead acid batteries accepted from the public directly to the distributor. A retailer may arrange for the pickup and proper recycling of used lead acid batteries with: (1) a secondary lead smelter; (2) a scrap processing facility at which used lead acid batteries are received, stored, processed or transferred for the purposes of recycling; or (3) a household hazardous waste collection site established pursuant to a county household hazardous waste collection program. L.1991,c.94,s.3.

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