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Section: Hearing; report

Statute: 13:1E-162

a. At the public hearing on the proposed contract held by the contracting unit pursuant to the provisions of section 26 of this amendatory and supplementary act any interested party may present statements or questions concerning the terms and conditions of the proposed contract. Prior to the conclusion of the public hearing, the contracting unit shall respond to questions concerning the proposed contract raised by any interested party. The contracting unit shall provide that a verbatim record be kept of the public hearing. The record of the public hearing shall be kept open for a period of 15 days following the conclusion of the hearing, during which interested parties may submit written statements to be included in the hearing record. The contracting unit shall provide that a hearing report be printed, which shall include the verbatim record of the public hearing, written statements submitted by interested parties, and a statement prepared by the contracting unit summarizing the major issues raised at the public hearing and the contracting unit's specific response to these issues. The contracting unit shall make copies of the transcript of the hearing report available to interested parties upon request at a cost not to exceed the actual cost of printing. b. Within 45 days of the close of a public hearing on a proposed contract held pursuant to this section, the contracting unit shall submit a copy of the hearing report to the department, the Board of Public Utilities, the Division of Local Government Services, and the Division of Rate Counsel. L. 1985, c. 38, s. 27, eff. Feb. 4, 1985.

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