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Section: Rights of person with disabilities.

Statute: 13:1E-109

a. The owner or operator of every sanitary landfill facility shall deposit, on a monthly basis in an interest-bearing account with an accredited financial institution, an amount equal to $1.00 per ton of all solid waste accepted for disposal during the preceding month at the sanitary landfill facility. In the event that any solid waste is measured, upon acceptance for disposal, by other than tons, the amount to be deposited shall be calculated by using the equivalents thereof as shall be determined by the division. The account established pursuant to this subsection shall constitute an escrow account for the closure of the particular sanitary landfill facility, and no withdrawals therefrom may be made without written approval of the department, except as otherwise authorized by the department. b. Any owner or operator of a sanitary landfill facility who shall fail to deposit funds into an escrow account, as provided herein, or uses those funds for any purpose other than closing costs, as approved by the department, shall be guilty of a crime of the third degree. c. The Board of Public Utilities may, in accordance with the provisions of P.L.1970, c. 40 (C. 48:13A-1 et seq.), issue an appropriate order increasing current tariffs established pursuant to law for the solid waste disposal operations of a sanitary landfill facility as may be necessary to purchase general liability insurance, including environmental impairment liability insurance, or to create a self-insurance fund sufficient to meet anticipated present and future obligations for the closure and post-closure period. Any additional revenues specifically collected for this insurance or fund shall be deposited in the escrow account established pursuant to subsection a. of this section for the closure of the facility and shall be withdrawn only for the purchase of insurance or the payment of claims or claims costs made against the owner or operator of the sanitary landfill facility, as authorized by the department. No withdrawals from an escrow account shall be made for insurance costs, claims or claims costs unless and until the board issues an appropriate order increasing the relevant tariff to provide specifically for these costs. L. 1981,c.306, s.10; amended by L. 1987,c.347,s.2.

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